• Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier
    Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier

Press Information Zeughausmesse 2016


8 to 11 December 2016


Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin | Schlüterhof im Zeughaus
Unter den Linden 2 | 10117 Berlin-Mitte | Germany

Opening times

8 December 2016 | 3pm to 6pm
9 December 2016 | 10am to 6pm
10 December 2016 | 10am to 9pm
11 December 2016 | 10am to 6pm

Entry fee for the museum

8 Euros | concessions 4 Euros | under-18s free
Includes all Exhibitions at the German Historical Museum
On Saturday, 10 December the Zeughausmesse will open until 9 pm and the entry is free from 6 pm to 9 pm. The exhibitions close at 6pm.

20th. Zeughausmesse - Fair for Modern Craft - will take place from 8 – 11 December 2016 in the 'Deutsches Historisches Museum‘

Berlin Forum of Modern Craft is held under the patronage of Michael Müller, governing mayor of Berlin

Once every year in December the Zeughausmesse opens its doors. The Berlin Sales Fair for Modern Craft has been running since 2004. Within a short time, the fair established itself among German Modern Craft fairs. Today it has a leading role as a meeting point for a growing fan base of contemporary art of daily use. It presents its audience with works from artists who combine particular artisan’s skills, a pronounced sense of aesthetics and conceptual stringency.

A market for art of daily use

A classy looking market unfolds its own idiosyncratic characteristics on the 1600qm of the Zeughaus’ inner court yard. On each of the stands offering priceless and less pricey treasures artists demonstrate their craft to those expressing an interest. Awed faces eagerly bombard the artists with questions. Others gleefully glide from stall to stall, powered by an explorer’s instinct and the quest for suitable Christmas presents

Quilted bark, sepia relief and a cosmos in glaze

A multi—facetted, sometimes scurrilous, sometimes delicate world of objects reveals itself to Zeughausmesse visitor. It is a world in which the innovative use of traditional materials, as well as artisanal skills applied to unusual materials, is directed towards utilisation.

A slight fragrance of birch forest accompanies the objects which Anastasiya Kosheeva makes from birch bark. Be it the silky and flexible upholstery on her chairs or the warm light of her lamps, she makes a lot of her objects according to centuries old Siberian tradition. Her peculiar technique enables her to sow bark and make objects without using glue.

Anja Eichler‘s jewellery too bears testimony to working with surprising materials. She carves cuttlefish bone. White reliefs are thus created, with seemingly geographic structures that are hardened by using a special process. These are placed in settings and threaded into a necklace. It is the alienation of the soft, porous material that makes Eichler’s work so exiting.

Martin Mindermann’s Raku vessels draw the onlooker into a wholly distant cosmos. Layers of colour are applied on top of each other, creating depth. The glaze which has purposely been torn by using the craquelure technique is worked multiple times, gold leaf is inserted into the tears and cracks.

Modern Craft in the Schlüterhof

The fair’s location is the Schlüterhof which can be reached via the entrance halls of the German Historical Museum. Upon traversing the foyer, the visitor will enter the calm spaciousness under the glass canopy of the Zeughaus’ inner court yard. The court yard is framed by door arches and reliefs of dying giants. They were created in 1701 by the eponymous creator of the Schlüterhof and are an example of the combination of architecture and sculpture in the Brandenburg-Prussian baroque.

However, it’s not just the Schlüterhof that makes the Zeughaus a particularly suitable location for this Modern Craft fair, rather the fair also continues a tradition going back to the first ‘Allgemeine Deutsche Gewerbeausstellung’ (general German trade exhibition) in 1844.

The patron, the sponsors and the Modern Craft Award

Michael Müller, the governing mayor of Berlin is Zeughausmesse’s patron. The fair is organised by the Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst (Professional Association of Modern Craft) Berlin – Brandenburg in collaboration with the German Historical Museum. An excellent jury selects four artists who will receive a Modern Craft Award. Thanks to the kind sponsorship from Berliner Volksbank the awards include prize money between 1300 and 500 Euros. Further sponsors of the fair are: Art Aurea, Berliner Volksbank, Delinat, Eunique, Götze and Inform.

Further Information on www.zeughausmesse.de

Organiser contact

Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
c/o Rainer Wiencke, 
Am Friedrichshain 10
10407 Berlin, Germany,
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 42 80 42 35
E-Mail: r-wienckeatzeughausmesse [dot] de


Sigrid Kohn
Frank-L.-Howley-Weg 20
14167 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 84 72 49 17
Mobile: +49 - 172 - 375 62 27
E-Mail: s-kohnatzeughausmesse [dot] de