• Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier
    Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier

Registration / Application | Zeughausmesse 2017


7 December to 10 December 2017


Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin–Brandenburg e.V. (Professional Association for Decorative Arts Berlin–Brandenburg), www.akbb.de

Registration / Application

Please send your registration/application with your CV, Information regarding your objects’ manufacturing process  and five photographs of your recent art work to r-wienckeatzeughausmesse [dot] de (r-wienckeatzeughausmesse [dot] de .)After downloading the form you can work on it digitally. Please print the completed form, sign it and post it to: Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst c/o Rainer Wiencke, Am Friedrichshain 10, 10407 Berlin, Germany
Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you are sending the application by post and would like a return of post.


Deutsches Historisches Museum, Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

Application period

The deadline for the registration/application period for the ZEUGHAUSMESSE 2017 is
25th of May 2017.

Formal application

Applications are open to modern craftspeople and designers of all artistic directions. Participants of the ZEUGHAUSMESSE are selected by an expert jury.With the completed form the exhibitor applies for participation in the above-named event. The jury which has been appointed by the organisers, the Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. selects a range of exhibitors subject to the availablility of exhibition spaces. In accordance with the selection process the exhibitor bindingly registers his/her participation in the ZEUGHAUSMESSE. Following the selection process the conditions and contract of participation will be sent to the participants. Four Modern Craft prizes are awarded at the ZEUGHAUSMESSE. The winners are selected from among all participants of the 21th ZEUGHAUSMESSE by an expert jury.


The exhibitor provides all materials needed for the preselection process and for public relations.

Tips for good photos: a plain coloured, light background, no shadows, the object fills the format. The photo files must be named according to the following format: First_name_last_ name_1, etc. The  photo proofs must be submitted in a separate file: File name (first name_last name_1), image description, photographer's name. Please fill in the form. The photos must comply with the following specifications:  File format: .jpg, 300 dpi, minimum pixel number 2126 x 1535 px