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Zeughausmesse, Foto: Stefan Reinberger

Zeughausmesse, Foto: Stefan Reinberger

Conditions for participation | Zeughausmesse 2024

The Zeughausmesse is organised by the Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst (Professional Association for Decorative Arts), www.akbb.de. It is due to take place from the 7th to the 10th of November 2024 at KühlhausBerlin, Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin. The event organiser is represented at KühlhausBerlin with an information stand.

Visitors’ entry fees for Zeughausmesse are as follows: 8.00 € for adults, 4.00 € for discounted tickets, and children/adolescents under 18 free of charge. Discounts apply to the following groups of people: Scholars and students (only upon producing valid identification documents issued by their respective institutions), unemployed individuals, federal voluntary service participants (Bundesfreiwilligendienst), holders of a Berlin Pass, as well as disabled persons (with 50% or more MdE according to German law).

The Zeughausmesse will be open to visitors from 2 pm - 6 pm on November 7, from 12 am - 7 pm on November 8 and 9, and from 12 am - 6 pm on November 10 (half an hour earlier and half an hour later respectively for exhibitors). The opening celebrations for invited guests will take place on November 7 from 7 pm - 9 pm.

Conditions for participation

1. Admission to Event

a) Every exhibitor must be approved by a professional jury appointed by the organiser to uphold the high quality of exhibited art. Firstly the exhibitor sends the application/registration form to the organiser. After the evaluation of all applications (with regard to exhibitors who are not members of Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst (Professional Association for Decorative Arts) Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. this will happen after jury selection by the organiser), a counter-signed copy of the registration form, an admission statement for participation in the Zeughausmesse and the conditions of participation will be sent as confirmation via email. The registration/application period for the Zeughausmesse 2024 ends on May 31th 2024. 

2. Open Call/Contest

Every exhibiting artist agrees to automatically take part in an applied arts contest (for free). The invitation to tender is addressed to applied artists, artisans and designers of all directions. Four prizes for applied arts will be awarded at Zeughausmesse 2024. The prize-winners are chosen by a professional jury, whose deliberations will be confidential and whose decision incontestable and final.

3. Services provided by the Organiser

a) The following services within the framework of the Zeughausmesse für Angewandte Kunst at KühlhausBerlin (Zeughausmesse Arts & Crafts Days in KühlhausBerlin) are provided by the organiser: a space with or without a sales table (depending on the booking), as well as a basic supply of light and electricity. Furnishings for the open spaces have to be agreed on by the event designer. Lighting brought by the exhibitor must have a current test seal (test according to DGUV, BGV A3 by an authorised special-ist). Proof of this MUST be submitted to the organiser at least two weeks before the fair (please send to r-wiencke@zeughausmesse.de).
b) Stand sizes and set-up: The stand size is specified on the application form. The stands are set up and dismantled by the organiser. Lighting for the illumination of the stand is also provided by the organiser. An apportunity to book additional lighting for an extra fee will be provided about two weeks before the event. Set-up of exhibitor displays will take place on the 6th and 7th of November 2024. More detailed information will be made available in time.
c) The organiser provides the necessary print material for event publicity (invitations and posters). Invitations are sent out approx. three weeks before the event to approx. 4,000 addresses. Each exhibitor receives advertising cards for the event to hand out to their own customers, andinvitation cards for the event’s opening celebration, to be sent out at the exhibitor’s own expense.  d) With respect to public relations regarding the event, the organiser will select 15-20 images (photographs) for distribution to the relevant publications from all material sent in by exhibitors. Establishing selection criteria and the selection of the images is solely the organiser’s responsibility. e) The organiser accepts all responsibility for public relations. 

4. Services provided by Exhibitor

a) After admission to the event the exhibitor agrees to pay a participation fee (for itemized prices, see registration form). A deposit of 200 euros must be paid within tow weks of receipt of admission. If the entire participation fee has not been credited to the organiser's account after the agreed payment deadline, the organiser reserves the right to terminate the contract and exclude the exhibitor from the Zeughausmesse. However, this does not release the exhibitor from paying the contractually agreed amount (see point 10).
b) The exhibitor provides all materials needed for the preselection process and for public relations (which will include advertising on social media such as Instagram and Facebook). Photographs are to be sent as .jpg, 300 dpi, with a minimum size of 2126 x 1535 pixels. The exhibitor warrants that the organiser shall not have to pay any remuneration for rights of use in this respect. The exhibitor warrants that the visual material provided is free of third-party rights. All materials/advertising media handed over to the organiser are only to be used for the specific purpose agreed in this contract. For further or different uses the exhibitor’s prior consent is required.

5. Sales regulations/ Publicity

In view of the professional character of the event the direct sale of exhibits or objects from the exhibition stand is specifically welcomed.
In order to preserve the over-all image of the event and to protect the exhibitors from improper actions, the following advertising measures are not permitted: - The distribution of printed papers in the corridors of KühlhausBerlin. - Acoustic and optic performances without prior registration and permission. - Events during the opening times within and outside the event venue.

6. Regulations for Organizing/Managing the Zeughausmesse

a) Set-up of exhibitor displays:
Set-up of exhibitor displays will take place (and must be completed) on the 6th and 7th November 2024. More detailed information will be made available in due time. Gates will be officially opened to the public at 2 pm on the 7th of November 2024.
b) Delivery:
Exhibitors will receive relevant information regarding displays and delivery of exhibition pieces at KühlhausBerlin in due time.
c) Storage of containers and packaging: Exhibitors will receive relevant information regarding storage space for their packaging materials and/or additional exhibition pieces in time.
d) Fire safety regulations: We would like to draw your attention to the fire safety regulations for KühlhausBerlin. Neither the stands themselves, nor the materials below the stands must be made from flammable materials. Any stands brought in by the exhibitors themselves made of flame retarding materials have to be accompanied by a manufacturer’s certificate regarding ‘Brandschutzklasse B1’ (Fire Safety Category B1) which has to be presented to the KühlhausBerlin fire safety officers. This means in practical terms: Any metals, glass and stone (A1) are considered safe without certificate. Wood & textiles are only admissible with a B1 treatment and certificate. Carton, paper and polystyrene (even as a doll/dummy) are absolutely banned. The packaging materials needed for items sold can only be stored in small quantities under the table in a non-flammable container with a lid.
A general smoking ban applies in the entire building of the KühlhausBerlin.
Emergency exits, as well as access to fire extinguishers and smoke detectors may not be obstructed, covered or blocked in any way.
e) Dismantling:
Dismatling of displays will take place after the end of the fair on the 19th of November 2023 from 6 pm on. It is not possible to begin before 6 pm.

7. House rules

The organiser is entitled to effect the removal from a stand of an exhibit whose exhibition is not compatible with the exhibition programme. Advertising either for political or philosophical purposes is not permitted. In case of grave violations against the conditions of participation, the organiser is entitled to have a display closed down or an exhibitor evicted. The organiser is responsible to executes the house rules at KühlhausBerlin within the framework of the event.  Besides the house rules of the KühlhausBerlin, which can be viewed at the information stand at Zeughausmesse, the following rules apply, in particular:

8. Liability/insurance 

a) The causer is liable for damage to the building and fixtures. b) The organiser does not accept any duty of care for brought-in exhibition goods, for stand equipment and for objects which are in the possession of persons staffing the stand.
c) Any liability for material loss or damage is excluded, if the risks can be insured. The liability for premeditated or grossly negligent behaviour remains intact. This liability exclusion is not limited by the safeguarding measures implemented by the organiser. d) In the framework of liability any legal rules regarding the burden of proof remain, they are not altered by this clause.
e) We recommend taking out an exhibitor’s insurance; furthermore you can order special safeguarding measures. f) As an exhibitor you are liable towards the organiser for any damage that you, your staff members, your co-workers or any third parties instructed by you, or any other third parties, whose services you may employ to discharge your obligations may culpably cause the organiser.

9. Higher Power/Pandemic

In the case of an unforeseen event such as an event of higher power, natural catastrophes, war, unrest, strikes, collapse or obstruction of traffic routes and/or news channels, and/or pandemics (especially regulations regarding pandemic laws, travel bans, accommodation bans and quarantine rules), the organiser is entitled to postpone, shorten, lengthen, delay or cancel – in part or completely – Zeughausmesse 2022. Exhibitors have no claim to reimbursement for losses incurred due to the postponement, shortening, lengthening or cancellation of this event.
Should such a cancellation or postponement occur due to the aforementioned reasons, the contract between exhibitor and organizer is terminated early with the cancellation or postponement of the event, communicated by the organiser or other responsible authorities. The organiser will communicate any such decision immediately. In such a case, exhibitors may be responsible to carry a percentage of the proven expenses incurred by the organiser in the process of planning this event. With your signature on the application form and the receiving of your formal admission to the Zeughausmesse, you are accepting the terms of conditions as laid out by the organiser.

10. Cancellation/non-participation 

After the binding registration and admission, a release from the contractual relationship is no longer possible. If the stand area can be let otherwise, a flat rate of 25% of the participation fee is levied to cover any incurred costs. If the stand area cannot be let otherwise, the participation fee has to be paid in full.

11. Final Regulations

a) Any amendments or additions, as well as special arrangements regarding this contract have to be put in writing. This also applies to the lifting of the clause stipulating the written form. No special arrangements have been made. b) Should any single clause or several clauses in this contract be ineffective, invalid or incomplete, this does not affect the remaining contract's effectiveness. In this case the parties commit themselves to replace the ineffective or invalid clause, or fill the gap in the contract respectively by an arrangement that will enable the parties to achieve the pursued economic purpose. c) The location of fulfilment of contract and the area of jurisdiction is Berlin. 


Project Management, applications:
Rainer Wiencke, Am Friedrichshain 10, 10407 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 / 30 / 42804235, Fax +49 / 30 / 42804234, r-wiencke@zeughausmesse.de

Project Management, accounting:
Friederike Maltz, Mobile +49 / 1520 / 658 64 45, f-maltz@zeughausmesse.de

Karsten von Kuczkowski, Mobile +49 / 177/ 554 34 01, k-vonkuczkowski@zeughausmesse.de

Organisation, public relations:
Sigrid Kohn, Tel. +49 / 30 / 84 72 49 17, s-kohn@zeughausmesse.de