• Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier
    Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier

Press Information Zeughausmesse 2018


6 to 9 December 2018


Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin | Zeughaushof im Zeughaus
Unter den Linden 2 | 10117 Berlin-Mitte | Germany

Opening times

06 December 2018 | 3pm to 6pm
07 December 2018 | 10am to 6pm
08 December 2018 | 10am to 9pm
09 December 2018 | 10am to 6pm

Entry fee for the museum

8 Euros | concessions 4 Euros | under-18s free
Includes all Exhibitions at the German Historical Museum
On Saturday, 08 December the Zeughausmesse will open until 9 pm and the entry is free from 6 pm to 9 pm. The exhibitions close at 6pm.

22nd Zeughausmesse presents unique art for daily use in the courtyard of the Zeughaus (Zeughaushof)

06 – 09 December 2018

Zeughausmesse is a unique opportunity in Berlin to meet some 90 high class artists, crafts-people and designers who present and sell their objects. At the same time the fair is showcasing modern craft and the latest trends and developments can be seen here. During these four days the fair makes the impressive Zeughaus courtyard a special location for purchasing ex-quisite Christmas presents.

Zeughausmesse offers stylish hats, unusual ceramics, fancy jewellery, gleaming glass objects and more. The usable art objects are captivating due to their aesthetic and conceptional quali-ty. An impressive range of artists demonstrates this in an exemplary way:

The clarity of design makes Ulrike Weiss‘ ceramics irresistible. She is bringing the red and white collections ‘Biscuits Exquis’ and the monochromatic collection ‘Copper’ from Paris to Berlin. In both collections, motifs, colours and surfaces are reduced to the essential. Thus, the objects contrast and harmonise with each other in an exciting manner that is not confusing.
Hendrike Roers’ lamps made from special Japanese paper are cross-overs between art and design, sculpture and product. The designer develops highly complex fractal patterns of sur-face and space, inspired by Islamic art and nature’s wealth of forms and patterns. The paper produces a warm, special light and is tearproof and durable.

Astrid Spork has been charmed by nature. Although she cannot pin down this charm, she is nonetheless trying to trace it in her jewellery pieces. Thus, her very delicate, iridescent, playful, feather light earrings, rings and necklaces made from gold, silver, gem stones, glass and nylon are formed.

The necklace made from silver, newspaper and lemon quartz by Alisa Volz came into being as part of a social project offering reading support to children and young people in Hanau. The newspaper represents a link between word and lines, the rolled shape of the newspaper sym-bolises the difficulty that some humans experience with reading and processing information, and the stone stands for the success that comes upon overcoming the hurdles. The artist is part of Akademie Label, an initiative for the support of students at the Zeichenakademie (academy of fine arts) Hanau. The label is an independent brand name and stands for con-temporary and innovative precious metal design.

Elke Hirsch needs time to hand turn a bowl from an over a hundred-year old oak tree in the quality she desires. Each separate groove is chiselled into the bowl’s solid outer wall with great craft skill and huge effort. The objects draw you in to take a closer look, touch and compre-hend them, and pausing to sense the vividness of the wood.

The design and workmanship of Maria Barleben’s hand puppets demonstrate her artistic tal-ent: the animals look life-like. As soon as the puppets made from precious Mohair and Alpaca materials are worked and their jaws move, a dialogue begins. An introduction into this puppetry technique is available at Zeughausmesse.

Some exhibitors have received international awards. Artists are also honoured at Zeughausmesse. A jury of experts will award prizes for outstanding achievements in Modern Craft ( Preis für Angewandte Kunst) to four of the current exhibitors. The award ceremony takes place at the opening of Zeughausmesse. Berliner Volksbank support the prizes financially with 1300 Euros to 500 Eu-ros.

The sales fair is organised by Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.(professional association for modern craft) in collaboration with Deutsches Historisches Museum. Besides Berliner Volksbank the fair is supported by Art Aurea, Delinat, Götze, Inform and Top Magazin Berlin.

All exhibitors and further information on www.zeughausmesse.de


Organiser contact

Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
c/o Rainer Wiencke
Am Friedrichshain 10
10407 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 42 80 42 35
E-Mail: r-wienckeatzeughausmesse [dot] de


Sigrid Kohn
Frank-L.-Howley-Weg 20
14167 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 84 72 49 17
Mobile: +49 - 172 - 375 62 27
E-Mail: s-kohnatzeughausmesse [dot] de