• Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier
    Zeughausmesse, Foto: Wendelin Kammermeier

Press Information Zeughausmesse 2019


05 to 08 December 2019


Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin | Zeughaushof im Zeughaus
Unter den Linden 2 | 10117 Berlin-Mitte | Germany

Opening times

05 December 2019 | 3pm to 6pm
06 December 2019 | 10am to 6pm
07 December 2019 | 10am to 9pm
08 December 2019 | 10am to 6pm

Entry fee for the museum

8 Euros | concessions 4 Euros | under-18s free
Includes all Exhibitions at the German Historical Museum
On Saturday, 07 December the Zeughausmesse will open until 9 pm and the entry is free from 6 pm to 9 pm. The exhibitions close at 6pm.

23rd Zeughausmesse in Deutsches Historisches Museum
Modern Craft at a high standard

05 - 08 December 2019

Modern Craft is art, craft and design at a high standard. Modern Craft adds value to our everyday lives. Very good materials, perfect technical and artisan workmanship, ideas, artistic realisation and a development stage spanning several years create the aesthetic and conceptual quality of the objects of daily use. At Zeughausmesse the current state of this artistic discipline can be reviewed. In the impressive Zeughaus courtyard some ninety artists present and sell stylish hats, outlandish ceramics and exceptional jewellery, sparkling glass objects and much more. Here we showcase a selection of artists.

Ute Kathrin Beck calls her new batch of vases 'Glanz und Glimmer‘  (shine and glimmer). She coats her vases that she has powerfully formed by hand with a glaze of iron oxides, copper and platinum. The surfaces feature pimples, wrinkles, bulges and crater-like indentations. Their metallic glaze is deceptive - the observer believes them to be made from hammered metal.

Angela Schönewald forges gardening tools by hand for the discerning. By keeping manufacturing effort, the use of material and energy to a minimum she builds gardening tools whose source materials garner attention as a form defining element in their own right. In craft terms the challenge consists of achieving the greatest possible exactitude regarding congruency, parallelism, symmetry and the precise transition of curves. For the artist forging means undertaking technical drawing with the use of red-hot steel.

Jil Köhn makes jewellery out of synthetic resin. She couples the manual modelling of seemingly natural waves with a divergent material, thereby simultaneously achieving an aesthetic as well as a confusing notion. The artist uses explicitly energetic colours in order to precipitate a great contrast between imagination and reality. Her brooches seem to spring from an alternative natural world.

Zeughausmesse co-operates with the Talents sponsorship scheme of Messe Frankfurt. Two 'talents' are presenting their ceramic art works. The two artists have developed their art works like a correspondence. The joint objects show an interplay of ceramic mass, glass and other inorganic materials, as well as found pieces of civilisation. Other objects relate to each other whilst at the same time showing the clear positions of the individual artists.

Many exhibitors have been awarded international prizes. Zeuhausmesse too is honouring artists. A professional jury awards four of the artists present with the coveted Prizes for Modern Craft for outstanding achievements. The award ceremony takes place at the opening of Zeughausmesse. Berliner Volksbank is sponsoring the prizes to the tune of 500 Euros to 1300 Euros.

Dr. Klaus Lederer, Mayor and Senator for Culture and Europe of the federal land of Berlin, is the patron of Zeughausmesse. The organiser is Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst (professional association for Modern Craft) Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. in collaboration with Deutsches Historisches Museum. Besides Berliner Volksbank, partners of the fair are Weltkunst Art Aurea, Delinat, Götze, Inform, Handwerk und Design, München as well as Top Magazin Berlin. Zeughausmesse co-operates with the Talents Förderprogramm (sponsorship programme) of Messe Frankfurt.

The entry fee for Zeughausmesse also includes the following exhibitions in Deutsches Historisches Museum: The Cross Bow – Horror and Beauty, 20 September 2019 - 8 March 2020; Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt, 21 November 2019 - 19 April 2020; German History from the Middle Ages to the Fall of the Wall, permanent exhibition. www.dhm.de
On Saturday 7 December there is an open evening at Zeughausmesse. Entry is free from 6 pm to 9 pm.

All exhibitors and further information on www.zeughausmesse.de


Organiser contact

Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
c/o Rainer Wiencke
Am Friedrichshain 10
10407 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 42 80 42 35
E-Mail: r-wienckeatzeughausmesse [dot] de


Sigrid Kohn
Frank-L.-Howley-Weg 20
14167 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 84 72 49 17
Mobile: +49 - 172 - 375 62 27
E-Mail: s-kohnatzeughausmesse [dot] de